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Here are some of my crazy creations that I made in my free times just to revise what I learnt. Sorry to say, but these might feel too much boaring to you. Anyways, if any of my utils seems useful to use, then don't forget to inspire me to create such more utilities by following me on github and supporting in social media.

XBOMBER Appication

Get The Xbomber app from Team X 1337 to do SMS bombing to any Bangladeshi number from multiple lightening fast SMS channels. Xbomber web version is currently under development and will be released soon. Download the app by clicking on the button bellow.

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Bootstrap Themes

IgnoredHaxor SMS Sender

Send free sms to any bangladeshi numbers with the message content you want. The website is totally free to use and supports all Bangladeshi telecom operators to ensure your full satisfaction. You can not send more than 3 messages per minute. If you cross the limit, then you have to wait for another minute to send message again.


With this app from Team X 1337, you can do P*h*ishing with the most popular websites with 0 coding. Easy to use and auto login feature. Visit our facebook group in order to grab the application. This application is made only for educational purposes.

My github

There are some epic and cool stuffs in my github repository. Check the README section to get the short tutorial. You can use most of the tools from both Linux and in Termux application of Android which is available in google play store.

About me

I'm Shayer Mahmud Sowmik, an IT nerd of 16! I love to code, make something new and have some show-off with these 😅.
I have Experience in Web Applications and Cli Applications. Trying to get involved in Android native Application Development!

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